In my natural environment. Photo by Annie Spratt.

Jenny King is a writer, photographer and wannabe minimalist living in Norwich with her husband Ben, daughter Robin and springer spaniel Pip.

Hello! Welcome to my blog - Notes to the Moon, where I share posts on reading, my journey to simple, more intentional living and some of my own short stories and writing. I started blogging way back in 2009 when I was jobless and living in a new city. That blog was called Sunny Sweet Pea and I truly believe it changed my life. I met so many wonderful people through that little creative space of mine. People who have since become life long friends and inspired the life I now live. If you're still here from the good old days then thank you! I've been inconsistent, to say the least.

Since 2016 I've been on a slow journey to more intentional living. I'm not talking minimalism. If you know me (and my home) you'd know that I'm far from minimalistic. I'm a recovering, sentimental hoarder, so perhaps I'm just on a journey to normality? I'm hoping that you'll find my posts relatable and the things I'm doing achievable. After having Robin in 2019 I felt a big shift in how I think about consumption and our effect on the planet. I want to raise a child who cares about the environment, who values her possessions and isn't constantly wanting more. Wish me luck!

Where you might find me struggling to slim things down is my book collection. I love books. Reading them, owning them and I'm hoping one day writing them. I'm one quarter of The Bookcast Club Podcast where I chat reading with my good friend Alice and our two new co-hosts Sarah T and Sarah K. We're hoping now we're a four that episodes will come to you on a fortnightly basis. You'll find the podcast on all your favourite podcasting apps. I occasionally share my reading on this blog but I no longer write individual reviews. I do rate everything I read on Goodreads and I'll share my honest thoughts, but I try and be constructive with any criticism. It costs nothing to be kind.

Finally, If you want to hear more from me then sign up to my newsletter, a monthly dose of my favourite things and those that have kindled my curiosity. From articles to films and books to podcasts, my newsletter is something to dip into when you have a moment to spare. I've recently deleted Twitter from my phone. I find it quite a toxic environment and always end up feeling miserable using it, but you will find me very active on Instagram.


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