In my natural environment. Photo by Annie Spratt.

Give me half an hour more than I say I need and we'll all be happy.

Well hello there! You've reached that page on my website where my inner introvert feels all socially awkward saying nice things about myself. I usually solve this by being self deprecating and sarcastic, but I'm a consummate professional (I promise I meet deadlines, I've never missed a train in my life) and try my best to practice what I preach, so here we go.

I'm a really bad blogger (good start, well done Jenny) but I'm pretty good at the whole writing thing and write both creative and non fiction. I'm inspired by nature, the outdoors and fairy tales, and like my stories with a twist of the macabre. I'm a regular contributor to Creative Countryside Magazine, a beautiful, quarterly journal for those who enjoy slow living and the changing seasons.

If you would like to chat about online/offline copy, a specific article or piece of writing you need or just some creative input, then please send me an email.

I'm also a photographer and, much like my writing, focus on nature, the outdoors and creativity. If you are interested in me photographing your event, creative business or family moments, please get in touch.

Finally, If you want to hear more from me then sign up to my newsletter, a monthly (liar!) dose of my favourite things and those that have kindled my curiosity. From articles to films and books to podcasts, my newsletter is something to peruse and dip into when you have a moment to spare. You can also find me on Twitter, but I'm arguably better on Instagram.

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