Disclosure Policy

ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies)
Occasionally I am lucky enough to receive ARCs from publishers. These will be clearly marked. I do not write, what I consider, negative reviews. I believe in kindness. If I truly dislike a book I simply won't review it. If you're a publisher, please note that an ARC does not guarantee a review. All my opinions are genuine, regardless as to whether a book is an ARC or personally purchased. I am also a member of Netgalley.

Affiliate links

I use affiliate links on my blog and in my newsletter. These links mean I earn a very tiny commission from your purchase. I am an advocate for content creators valuing their creative outlets and themselves, and believe that value can be monetary. I choose to support other creators by using their affiliate links. However I also realise that this should be a choice, and can disclose that I am an affiliate with the following company programmes:

  • Amazon
  • Book Depository
  • Wordery
  • Skimlinks

  • If you do not wish to support me in this way, then please simply avoid clicking on these links.

    My affiliations with these companies does not, in any way, influence my choices when it comes to reviewing books and making recommendations.

    Other ways to support me

    I use a wonderful tipping website called Ko-fi for one off tips. It's a simple way of allowing you to buy your favourite creators a coffee. I'll have a cappuccino ☕️ froth removed or, if it's winter, a gingerbread latte with squirty cream and edible gold stars. I also have a Patreon account if you would like to support me on a monthly basis.

    Saying all that, reaching out to me on Instagram means just as much to me, so do pop by and say hello.

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